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  • Matthew S.


    Zane MacGregor are the foremost experts on bay area real estate.

    Matthew's full story

    I have been colleagues with Adam, one of their brokers, for several years. Zane MacGregor has listings that range from your normal bay area single-family property to lavish properties that would grace covers of magazines. They treat all their listings with identical attention to detail and best efforts.

    Everyone at Zane MacGregor is a consummate professional, highly knowledgeable, personable and a pleasure to work with. I never hesitate to refer family, friends, and clients to Zane MacGregor whenever a real estate issue arises.

  • E Y.

    Redwood City

    Mary and Steve helped us through the process of finding and buying our first home.

    E's full story

    It took us awhile to find, but they were patient throughout and were so helpful every step of the way.

    They were very honest and knowledgeable about the process and not just in it to sell us a house, but to help us find the right house for us, based on our needs and wants. They also had complimentary inspectors/contractors come to help us look into any issues we had with the home inspection, give us additional estimates to make sure we knew exactly what any problems were. 
Highly recommended, and a pleasure to work with.

  • Angela C.


    Mary Chacon has been very helpful to us in guiding us during the home purchase process.

    Angela's full story

    and making sure that things went smoothly. We didn't feel pressured and we didn't go through any bidding war. We felt that Mary is very honest and provided a lot of helpful advices/contacts on what to fix for the house especially since we are not experienced with older houses. We weren't expecting a real estate agent would continue to provide service after the house sale was completed, so she truly amazed us.
  • Saina S.

    Santa Clara

    If I could give 10 stars I would.

    Saina's full story

    My husband and I worked with Steve Pierce and Wendy Kandasamy for nearly a year before we found our home. We had pretty unique (if not impossible) demands about what we were looking for and Steve and Wendy patiently delivered. At no point did we feel pressured or rushed in our search. Steve and Wendy were also very honest with us, for example, telling us to pass on a property that was a lot more expensive that what we eventually bought. They both know the market well, they listen, adjust their search and really care. You cannot go wrong with this team (unless you are into cheesy salespeople-like realtors). Highly recommend.
  • Dan R.

    San Mateo

    We found Steve and Adam through a friend, and they were the best decision we could possibly have made.

    Dan's full story

    OK, I am not a real estate expert, or insider, or anything like that. In fact, my better half and I just bought our first house, and in the Bay Area, we got in over our head pretty quickly. We thought (don't laugh) that "hey... we'll just log on to Trulia, look at some open houses, and we'll be set!"


    We found Steve and Adam through a friend, and they were the best decision we could possibly have made. Steve and Adam bordered on magical as far as we were concerned. Concepts and deadlines that made no sense became clear. They protected us from embarrassment (and from bad deals), and went so far above the call of duty it was hard to believe.

    They scoped out houses, really LISTENED to us, and our needs, and got us into what can only be described as our dream house. I sorta feel like I should write a bunch of Real Estate Terms about how Adam helped us understand the so-and-so form.. or how Steve got us covered under the this-and-that. But honestly, none of that matters. THey covered us 100 percent. The whole time. All the time. About everything.

    Example..  We bought an Eichler, and for the inspection, we went home and thought and read on the internet about all the things we were supposed to check. Then we called Adam and Steve and said "Um... we'd like to have an inspector... and we'd like to look at the floor heat??"

    The response? "Yes. Not only do you need that stuff, we have already scheduled it and had it completed (we knew you'd need it) and we have the full results ready to go!"

    I love things where people anticipate my needs, and they are correct and just "handle it."

    Steve and Adam quite simply handle it. They were not just our realtors, but they were (and are) our friends through this process. If we ever buy another house, there won't be any debate about what to do and who to go with.

    Thanks guys!!!!

  • Jeremy R.

    San Francisco

    What can I say? ZM helped my parents buy their house and my wife and I buy ours.

    Jeremy's full story

    Steve and Adam were a great team and they helped us navigate a thorny "as-is" deal. They really allowed us to look at this, and other properties, rationally vs. emotionally. Adam and Steve found the house we really wanted, and we got it for $15k under asking price! Not only that, they were able to recommend some great contractors who came in reasonably priced to get the house ready for move-in. I highly recommend ZM and Adam and Steve!

  • Monica & Nick Mehta

    Palo Alto

    They are warm people, and they got to know us and our family...and our lifestyle.

    Monica & Nick's full story

    They seemed to understand us even better than we knew ourselves! And they gave us great advice. From the first time we met them, they were very prepared. Very detail oriented. They knew everything about the schools, the different neighborhoods - down to the street level - and we appreciated that they gave us actual opinions and advice based on their own experiences. So it felt more like a personal relationship than a business transaction.

    For example, there was a house, we didn't want to go see it based on the square footage and number of bedrooms. But,  once they saw it, they felt it was perfect for us. Adam called and insisted we go see it. They could see the potential. Adam's dad is an architect and Steve's civil engineering background were really helpful. They could see potential changes we could make that would make it perfect for us. If they hadn't insisted, I wouldn't have gone and then we wouldn't be here now.

  • Jacqueline L.

    Redwood City

    Our experience with Adam Touni and his team at Zane MacGregor was outstanding.

    Jacqueline's full story

    and we recommend his services without reservation. Adam assisted us with purchasing a new home and selling our old home, both in Redwood City. As a general matter, Adam is responsive, professional, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable about the market. He and his team (especially Carlee, the firm's office manager) made everything very easy for us on both the buy and sell side, coordinating with contractors, vendors, and more. Although I know Adam is very busy, he never made us feel like anything but his most important clients.


On the buy side, Adam guided us through a very competitive market, providing sound advice not only on how to craft compelling (but reasonable) offers, but also on potential remodeling. We ended up purchasing the third (and in our opinion, best) house we bid on, in no small part due to his thoughtful recommendations. After we closed, Adam and Carlee continued to assist us in coordinating the transfer of ownership and remodel projects that we decided to undertake.

    On the sell side, we barely needed to lift a finger. Adam and Carlee worked together to get our house in shape for showing under a compressed timeline and gave reasonable and informed advice about what improvements we ought to consider and inspections we ought to commission. Within a week of listing our house, we received multiple offers over list price and accepted the best one. We closed in just two weeks.


At all phases of our experience, I appreciated that our family was being represented by someone who acts with integrity and who has the respect of his peers. Buying and selling homes can be a very personal and emotional process, but because of the superior client service we received from Adam and his team, it ended up being a smooth and pleasant one.

  • Sunday D.

    Palo Alto

    We've now bought one house and sold one with the team of Wendy, Adam, and Steve at Zane Macgregor.

    Sunday's full story

    To say that we're happy with our decision to work with them would be an understatement. They're very professional, ethical, smart, and knowledgeable about real estate in the area. Working with them, you really feel like you've got partners that are on your side, and it extends far beyond the simple transaction of buying or selling a house and into living and thriving in the Bay Area.

    They each bring valuable individual skills to the table. Wendy with her keen sense of aesthetics and numbers, Adam the attorney with his cool rationality, and Steve with his background in construction. It's a dream team combo that we seriously doubt you'll find anywhere else.

    We bought our house about two years ago. Buying was a six month process during which time we bid on three houses and went to countless more. During these six months, Wendy really got to know our tastes and we in turn got a sense of how good our agents were in terms of analyzing the pros and cons of each house and also predicting how the bidding would go when we decided to make offers.

    Our dream house, the one we bought, Wendy told us about two months before it even went on the market. She already knew that it was going to be the one for us! In the very competitive market of the Bay Area, you really want the best people on your side when you finally find the house, and when we got our bid together, we were confident that it would be perfect, and so it was. We got our house and almost every day after we were marveling to ourselves how lucky we were to get it!

    Even after we closed and moved in, Wendy would work with us to troubleshoot, remodel, share ideas, etc. It really went far beyond what we expected from a real estate agent.

    So it was a no-brainer that two years later, when we decided to sell an investment property, that we'd go back to Zane Macgregor. It took about a month to prep the house. We listed it at the price that they suggested. We were actually a bit worried that it was too high - it was an older house with some issues for which we went and got additional inspection reports. It ended up selling that week for over 20% more than list, with four offers, at a price in excess of most fancy shmancy new homes!

    Buying and selling a house were big deals for us, but working with agents that we could be comfortable with and trust made it utterly painless.

  • Jane M.

    Los Angeles

    I signed with Steve Pierce a year before I was ready to sell my house.

    Jane's full story

    He was helpful all those months — making suggestions about landscaping and gardeners, etc. When the tenants moved out, things went into full swing. Since I live in Los Angeles, Steve and his partners oversaw the entire renovation--what a job! There were extensive upgrades in the kitchen and baths and the entire house was painted inside and the floors redone. Then the house was staged.

    How did they do? Well, all I need to say is that the house sold for slightly over the asking price in four days. The house was priced EXACTLY where it should have been. I couldn't have been happier.

    I would recommend Steve and his partners to anyone! They are professional, realistic, and responsible — not to mention just plain nice! They took very good care of me.

  • Eric G.

    Los Altos

    When we decided to purchase our first home earlier this year, my fiancée and I felt intimidated.

    Eric's full story

    We had heard plenty of horror stories about how tough the market was from friends trying to buy, and as newcomers to real estate we felt ill-equipped to handle the extraordinary market conditions in the Bay Area. Even the simple act of choosing an agent felt overwhelming. We got many recommendations from friends and met with a couple of agents that we really liked, but we didn't feel ready to move forward with any of them until we met Adam, Steve, and Wendy at Zane MacGregor.

    We wanted agents who would help us feel comfortable about making this enormous purchase by educating us about every detail of the process. From the very first meeting, it was clear that this was team we were looking for. I emphasize the word team, because each individual brought unique strengths to the process. Steve spent several hours getting us up to speed, drawing on his extensive experience to give us a crash course on the real estate market and the process of buying a house. Adam and Wendy helped us get a grasp of the constantly evolving numbers as we narrowed down our target neighborhoods. Adam's experience with house construction and remodels was invaluable as he helped us assess the homes we were seeing to decide whether we wanted to take on a project or not. Throughout the process they were totally transparent with us about what was happening in the market and helped us adjust our expectations. However they were always patient, letting us move at our own pace.

    When we found the home we wanted, the team helped us put together a solid bid strategy that ultimately got us the house. When we originally decided to start looking, I thought the process would take us 6-12 months, with several failed bids. Instead, we got our new home on the first try after just 10 weeks. I believe that their ability to quickly educate us and get us comfortable with the market ended up saving us a lot of money, given how quickly prices have been rising.

    Even after our offer was accepted, they were with us every step of the way. Carlee helped coordinate the closing process, and even helped us with several post-close items like scheduling fumigation, addressing some small fixes, and having inspectors come out.

    Throughout the entire process, the Zane MacGregor approach was efficient and data-driven. We never felt pressured to make put in an offer, nor did we feel like their advice was intended to influence us in any way. They simply provided us with information and helped us come to our own conclusions. In the end, we got a home we love and we felt great about the process.

  • Chris C.

    Redwood City

    I have worked with Zane McGregor for many years.

    Chris's full story

    They are highly professional and have assembled a team of the some of the best agents in the Area. They offer that extra level of client care that makes a transaction very successful and smooth. I would not hesitate to recommend Zane McGregor. They get results, and are dedicated to their clients best interests every step of the way. Bravo!
  • Erin L.

    San Diego

    We couldn't have asked for a better company to help us purchase our first house in the Bay Area.

    Erin's full story

    Steve Pierce and Adam Touni were awesome! Their knowledge and expertise in not only the real estate realm, but other industries that have direct relationship to home purchasing was priceless. This is especially true of the fact that the Bay Area, especially the peninsula side have a very different way of working around the home buying/selling experience compared to other parts of CA. Of course we have to give credit to their team mate Wendy Kandasamy and support team Carlee for all their help also.

    Adam was our main contact and we worked directly with him mostly. He was very patient in explaining the whole process to us and holding our hand through the whole thing. He always made himself available to us (not that we are very high maintenance) with our hectic schedule, responded quickly and in depth to our concerns and always took his time to explain everything.

    I would definitely recommend using Adam and Steve for any of your home purchasing or selling needs. I know for sure that we will be going got back to them when its time for us to upgrade. On top of getting a home, the experience has left us on cloud nine.

  • Ann L.

    Palo Alto

    Our family used the Zane MacGregor team of Steve Pierce, Wendy Kandasamy, and Adam Touni (with wonderful support from Carlee)

    Ann's full story

    to sell two homes in Palo Alto in 2012. With this team we got expert realty advice and great multiple offers on both properties. I believe we could have gotten those two services from many realtors in this area. The great care, attention to detail and kind thoughtfulness exhibited by the Zane MacGregor staff, however, sets this team apart. They are knowledgable, extremely competent, witty/fun and responsive. They always got back to us immediately when we had a question or concern with great suggestions, in- depth answers, and a fabulous team able to get what needed to be accomplished done in a timely and professional fashion.

    We cannot recommend this team more. When we next want to sell a house we will not hesitate to pick up the phone, or drop by their office to enlist their services again.

  • Leslie & Jeff Su

    Palo Alto

    Adam, Wendy and Steve are the type of people you want to be friends with.

    Leslie & Jeff's full story

    They're honest, friendly and just fun to be around. That makes all the difference during such personal life events such as moving and selling your home!

    We met Wendy at an open house. She was pro-active about following up. But not pushy; just very helpful. First, we sold a condo with them.  It was a unique situation and Wendy gave us really good advice about how to target it, how to present it, how to schedule open houses. She was very creative and brought up interesting ideas. They're very strategic. And, we felt they cared about us. We really felt they understood us and had our interests at heart. Even when it was harder on them, they went out of their way to accommodate our preferences.

    Zane is a no-brainer...especially if you want to live in Palo Alto. They have a good read of the market, the market dynamics, how to negotiate. They are very intelligent—they just "get it."

  • Molly Spencer & Dave Parker

    Mountain View

    My wife and I had the distinct pleasure of working with the team of Adam Touni and Steve Pierce from Zane MacGregor & Co. to complete the purchase of a home this March.

    Molly & Dave's full story

    Being recently relocated from the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area, it was critical for us to work with highly capable real estate experts to navigate a Peninsula housing market that was unlike anything we had ever seen. 

    Steve and Adam fit the bill very well bringing a great combination of analytical (Steve has an engineering background) and legal (Adam is an attorney) know how to the table. Being new to this market, Adam and Steve worked patiently with us as we took several months to get educated on locations and housing options that would best fit the needs of our family. As we transitioned into the "let's make an offer" phase of the process, Adam and Steve walked us through a detailed run down of the process and what to expect.


As we jumped into the offer process, the advice and guidance that Adam and Steve provided was simply outstanding. The Mountain View market, which ended up being our target, was very fast moving and competitive with multiple offers being the norm. Adam, who was our primary interface through the process, did a great job ensuring that we were competitively positioned in all offers and used Steve's experience as a sounding board to validate property values and offer strategy. We were ultimately successful in our third offer as we secured a house in the Cuesta Park neighborhood of Mountain View. I would recommend Adam and Steve without reservation to anyone in need of top notch real estate professionals. Great people, great advice, great results. 

  • Eric Krebbs

    Palo Alto

    Steve is a consummate professional.

    Eric's full story

    His knowledge and experience place him in the top 5% of real estate professionals. I've purchased and sold several houses, and worked with a number of real estate agents. Steve thinks out of the box, and makes deals close. Ultimately, the proof is the sale or purchase of a house; why not use the best?
  • Judith C.

    Palo Alto

    During the long process of preparing our historic home for sale and then waiting for the right buyer, our family often thanked “the powers that be” for our great good luck and discernment in choosing Zane MacGregor as our realtors.

    Judith's full story

    Along with many attractions, our unique property presented many challenges. The project definitely required someone with your extraordinary combination of broad expertise, experience, and connections in the fields of both real estate and historic restoration. Add to that your analytic intelligence, creativity, writing skills, diplomacy, wit, good nature, empathy, endurance, strong work ethic, patience, unflappability, and sharp wardrobe. Thanks to your attentive guidance, what could have been a family ordeal became an interesting, mostly enjoyable, and finally very satisfactory experience. I would recommend you enthusiastically to anyone with a house to sell in the Palo Alto area, and most emphatically to anyone with a historic house for which they want to find the right buyer.

    Other clients have praised you for the speed at which their houses sold. We praise you for the patience with which you sustained your interest and enthusiasm and your engagement with the on-going flow of tasks during the three and a half years that passed between our first meeting and the close of escrow. For the family, the process involved a lot of hard work as well as occasional frustrations and set-backs, but you were always there to cheer us on, and working with you was such a pleasure that I wish we had another house to sell.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

  • Liz L.

    Mountain View

    Not that we have any prior experience since this was our first home purchase...

    Liz's full story

    ...but we really liked working with Mary Runkel Chacon and Steve Niethammer. They were referred to us by my coworker.

    We were looking between Mountain View and San Carlos. They were very knowledgeable about the area and spent a lot of weekends with us going through the different neighborhoods and showing us houses. 

Mary and Steve were very honest about the houses they showed us, pointing out things that were not good and also ways in which the houses could be improved through remodeling. Mary's husband is an architect which is really helpful in this area as a lot of houses are very old and require renovations and remodeling. Her husband Mike actually came out to look at a house we were interested in to help us determine if we could open up the layout, etc. 

    I highly recommend working with Mary and Steve at Zane MacGregor. Mary is the sweetest and Steve is really funny and definitely helped make the highly stressful process of buying a house in the Bay Area more enjoyable and smooth.

  • Connie B.

    Palo Alto and Mountain View

    Zane is very strategic, and they carry all the stress so you don't have to worry.

    Connie's full story

    When I first met them, I was going through a lot. Steve and Adam were very calming. Very down to earth, smart, honest. They made the whole process fun.

    Then, a couple years ago I approached them to sell another house I had bought with them. They advised me not to sell, rather to hold onto the house if I could until the market improved. They did not create that pressure of 'i want my commission." They really take care of you.

    Now, I am embarking on my fourth purchase and move, and Zane are the only realtors I would use.

  • Marsha & Chris Blair

    Menlo Park

    We have bought and sold 7 houses...

    Marsha & Chris's full story

    ...this is the first time in our (real estate) lives that we completed the whole transaction from beginning to end, not only in a relaxing, but fun manner. 
  • James & Maria Duke

    Palo Alto

    Steve and Adam have an enormous set of skills beyond just selling real estate.

    James & Maria's full story

    With Steve's engineering background, and Adam's legal skills, their ability to understand how to price, how to present, and how to negotiate differs incredibly from other realtors on the market. 

They have an eye for what is aesthetically pleasing and displayed the property focusing on the quality and unique features of the house. We trusted them implicitly throughout the process, which went without a glitch. 

We would engage them again at any time and cannot recommend them enough.