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About Zane

Buying or selling a home in these parts is a bit like competing in the Olympics. Both events require an uncommon amount of determination, exacting preparation, inspired coaching and near-flawless execution. And in both, the competition is world-class.

The determination, you supply. Zane can help with the rest.

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Preparation is the key to it all. Most people focus on the drama of the final hours or the size of a winning bid, but that should be the last step of a rigorous process. At Zane, we believe that successful transactions are built on knowing you well; helping you to understand the market and your options; familiarizing you with the process you’ll encounter; fastidiously analyzing the market to devise an optimal price; and skillfully finessing the myriad details of a successful transaction.

For buyers, this crash course in real estate is essential because, when you find that one incomparably wonderful home, you’ll need to act quickly. You may have to make the biggest financial decision of your life in a few days — or, in some cases, hours. Armed with a superior understanding of the housing market, you can make decisions that are sound and well-tailored to your priorities.

For home sellers, knowledge is just as important. We’ll provide historical data and of-the-moment context to help you decide how to position and price your property appropriately. We’ll identify your target market and position your home to attract the right buyer. Preparation is also key, thus we’ll recommend as well as manage cost effective improvements that maximize your return. Finally, we’ll market your home with professional photography using the most effective online and print media, and the unequaled power of an open house.

Well, you get the picture. Buying or selling a house is a complex and emotionally charged undertaking and it takes a team behind you (and beside you) that is smart, ethical, deeply attuned to the market, responsive to your needs and, at every turn, utterly committed to your satisfaction. 

For more than 30 years, it’s been our pleasure to serve the homeowners of this remarkable region, and a great honor to call many of them friends. We welcome your questions and look forward to serving you.

Special Expertise

Not every real estate transaction is the same. Or easy. So when you need expertise beyond that typically offered by real estate agents, call on us. Our team has the training to tackle the unusual and challenging.

Historic Homes

We specialize in historic properties. Many are subject to special regulations, or often, little known but terrific opportunities. We are well versed in the local codes and how they effect restoration and modification of homes with historic designations. In addition, we understand and appreciate their unique features and the need to help prospective buyers likewise understand and appreciate them.


IRS tax code 1031 offers a technique for exchanging property and postponing the payment of capital gains taxes. There are precise rules to be followed and we have accomplished many successful exchanges. Not all properties are 1031 eligible, but it is a powerful tool for conserving wealth and we’ll help you capitalize on it if appropriate.


We have experience subdividing properties for our clients. While it can be a long and involved process, subdivision can add considerable value.

Investment Analysis

We treat all real estate as an investment, but even more so income producing properties. We build financial pro formas to help you assess the potential performance of investments ranging from multi-family properties to speculative construction.

Commercial Property

We also have expertise in commercial real estate investments, owner-user opportunities, and leasing.

Raw Land

Rural land poses particular challenges. Nothing can be assumed: the availability of power or water, access, location of easements, right to improve and so on. We apply our usual due diligence to protect our clients in an environment where surprises can be hidden under any rock.